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Market review: June 17, 2016

Fang submitted 2016-06-17 15:31:05

Market review:

China stocks rose as investors considered the risk from Brexit reduced somehow.

SHA up 0.43% with money flowed into Biomedicine, Banking and Coal sectors the most.

Research Notes:

Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang Energy Co.( rallied to limit-up as price of coal rebounded to support the price of its products.

Though it’s too early to call that Brexit won’t happen, for now, market seems didn’t price for the exit scenario with risky assets price rising.

CNYUSD barely moved with USD index stayed in weakness.

In commodity market, investors showed interest in softs, with cotton and rubber led the rally, jumped about 4%, with silver and gold declined after previous advances.

As we said it’s still too early to call No-Brexit and investors should stay cautious around, especially before the UK voting on June 23rd.

The recent sectors worth the risk, in our opinion, are still new energy, electronic automobile and agriculture

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