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INE, DCE & ZCE: Investigation and Penalties for Violations of Relevant Rules and Regulations in December 2020

Fang submitted 2021-01-12 12:11:04

Investigation and Penalties for Violations of Relevant Rules and Regulations in December 2020

In the aspect of administration of abnormal trading behaviors, INE has dealt with a total of 17 cases, among which 3 cases were self-trades, 12 cases were frequent order cancellations and 2 cases were cancellations with large amount that exceeds limit. INE has separately notified the relevant clients of the above mentioned abnormal trading behaviors by phone for 17 times through the members and placed 4 clients on INE’s watch list, notified 4 abnormal trading behavior to all the members.

In the aspect of identification and cooperative investigation of accounts with actual control relationship, INE has identified 27 groups of 53 clients that exist the actual control relationship.

In the aspect of inspecting cases violating trading rules, INE has dealt with 4 cases suspected of violation trading rules, among which 1 case was suspected of existing actual control relationship but it has not reported and 2 cases were price fluctuation caused by market price orders and 1 case was wrong order.

In December, INE has filed and investigated no case suspected of violating trading rules.

INE reminds investors to be in compliance with its rules in the trading activities and cooperate with the reporting of actual control relationship accounts.

Announcement on the disposal of abnormal and illegal transactions in December 2020

In order to fulfill the responsibilities of front-line supervision of the market, regulate futures trading behavior, prevent and defuse market risks, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of market participants, DCE continues to investigate and deal with abnormal and illegal transactions. The details on disposal of abnormal and illegal transactions in December 2020 are as follows:

DCE investigated and dealt with 91 cases of abnormal trading including 49 cases of over-limit self-trade, 42 cases of over-limits frequent Submission and Cancellation of orders. The member units will provide telephone reminders to the above-mentioned customers who have reached the abnormal trading processing standards, there are 5 individual customers and a actual control relationship account group have been adopted regulatory measures that restrict opening positions for one month.

Dealing with 5 clues of illegal transactions, including 4 cases of affecting the contract price as the suspected of self-trade or agreed transaction, and 1 other type, Investigating and implementing relevant measures to relevant customers.

Dalian Commodity Exchange







Statistics of self-regulation in December 2020

In December 2020, ZCE dealt with a total of 57 abnormal transactions, including 20 self-trade, 32 cases of over-limits frequent Submission and Cancellation of orders, and 2 case of over-limit large Submission and Cancellation of Orders, and 3 cases of actual control group are over-limit combined positions. A total of 2 cases of violations were tried, and disciplinary sanctions such as warnings were given to 2 clients, which were recorded in the China Capital Market Integrity Information Database.



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