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CCDC supports the first RQFII to participate in bonds pledged as futures margin

Fang submitted 2021-04-30 11:29:59

CCDC supports the first RQFII to participate in bonds pledged as futures margin

ChinaBond reported that on April 29, CCDC successfully supported the first RQFII to operate bonds pledged as futures margin. After QFII's participation in the business in 2019, the addition of the first RQFII is another important breakthrough in the international development of bonds pledged as futures margin. It is also an innovative achievement in optimizing services for foreign investors and supporting the opening of the futures market.

With the acceleration of China's financial market opening process, the scale of RMB bonds held by foreign investors has grown steadily, and the allocation and application channels of RMB bonds will also become important considerations for their investment in the bond market. Bond pledged as futures margin not only conforms to the prevailing practice of foreign investors participating in the international market, and effectively reduces the investment costs; it also provides investors with a diversified RMB bond asset allocation plan. Up to now, the product has cumulatively supported QFII and RQFII to use more than 3 billion yuan of national bonds as margin.

In recent years, CCDC has increased the business cooperation with Shanghai Futures Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and China Financial Futures Exchange, and realized the full implementation of bonds pledged as futures margin in the domestic futures market. The business scale has exceeded 400 million yuan, it has effectively promoted the improvement of market efficiency and has been highly recognized by all market participants. In the future, CCDC will continue to base itself on an international perspective, further improve its international service level, and cooperate with custodian banks and futures companies to build an integrated service system, explore series of product that are convenient for investors, and form a high-added derivative service value chain. Fully support the opening up and innovative development of China's multi-level financial market.





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