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Xi Zhiyong, General Manager of DCE: Promote the construction of a soybean and iron ore pricing center.

Fang submitted 2021-12-06 11:35:59

Xi Zhiyong, General Manager of DCE: Promote the construction of a soybean and iron ore pricing center.

Xi Zhiyong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Dalian Commodity Exchange, stated at the 17th China (Shenzhen) International Futures Conference in 2021 on December 5 that DCE will work towards the goal of building a world-class derivatives exchange, focusing on the two functions of price discovery and hedging. Centering on the three main lines of product innovation, technology driving, and ecosystem construction, DCE will strive to achieve the three major results of futures and spot integration, on- and off-market collaboration, and domestic and overseas connectivity, so as to better serve the high-quality development of the national economy.

Xi Zhiyong said: First, we always put the service of the real economy at the top of market construction, and resolutely prevent separation from the real economy and disorderly expansion of capital in the design and optimization of the contract rule system. The second is to increase the price influence of important commodities as a goal, and accelerate the construction of a soybean and iron ore pricing center during the opening up. The third is to take the active service "dual cycle" development pattern as a strategic direction, and for global bulk commodities, make large varieties into large products. For small and medium-sized products with regional characteristics, the basic functions of futures will be brought into play through the combination of futures and spot to help open up the regional economic cycle. The fourth is to take the construction of a high-standard market system as a development responsibility, and promote the development of futures and spot markets to higher standards in the coordinated development of the on- and off-exchange markets. Fifth, taking the people's position as the foundation for fulfilling the original mission, maintaining a high-pressure posture of "zero tolerance" for market violations, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium-sized investors. At the same time, it is necessary to support leading enterprises, futures and insurance companies to play their roles, and promote the effective connection of the small and scattered risk management needs of small and medium-sized farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises with the futures market, so as to realize the service of "supporting agriculture and supporting small-scale" futures with Chinese characteristics.



席志勇表示,一是始终把服务实体经济放在市场建设首位,在合约规则制度的设计和优化中坚决防止脱实向虚和资本无序扩张。二是把提升重要大宗商品价格影响力作为奋斗目标,在开放中加快推进大豆和铁矿石定价中心建设。三是把主动服务“双循环”发展格局作为战略方向,对于全球性大宗商品,把大品种做成大产品;对于区域性特色中小宗品种,通过期现结合发挥期货基础功能,助力打通区域经济循环。四是把完善高标准市场体系建设作为发展责任,在场内场外市场的协同发展中推动期现市场向更高标准发展。五是把站稳人民立场作为践行初心使命的根本,保持对市场违规违法行为“零容忍”的高压态势,保护好广大中小投资者合法权益,同时支持龙头企业、期货及保险公司等发挥作用,推动中小农户、中小微企业小而散的风险管理需求与期货大市场有效对接,实现中国特色的期货“支农支小”服务。(陈雨康 宋薇萍)

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