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Policy News -- Jan 11, 2017

Fang submitted 2017-01-11 14:33:41

【监管层低调研究评估 期指松绑渐行渐近】有知情人士表示,近期监管层确实在向学界寻求意见,希望成立专家小组对股指期货相关研究进行评估。一位券商系期货公司总经理也证实,约3个月前,中金所曾向期货公司发布过调查问卷,向客户(主要是机构投资者)等征求意见,涉及到评价股指期货在股灾期间的作用等方面。(第一财经)

The sources said that regulators came to academia for advice. And a panel set up to consider how to loosen current regulations on index futures.
One GM from a futures company also confirmed that CFFEX had published questionnaires three months ago to evaluate the role that index futures played in 2015 stock market crash.

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