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Establish the Futures Financial Reform Pilot Zone in Zhengzhou

Fang submitted 2020-05-25 14:19:36

During the period of "Lianghui", Xu Xiao, deputy to NPC and the chairman of Kaifeng Chengduicheng Construction and Development Co., Ltd., said in an interview with Dahe Daily report that her suggestions this year were to establish a futures financial reform pilot zone in Zhengzhou, which will support the reform of futures listing mechanism in Henan province, expanding the opening of futures markets to the outside world, strengthening the construction of over-the-counter markets, and expanding the scope of participants in the futures market. Xu Xiao said that the establishment of a futures financial reform pilot zone will not only benefit the reform and innovation of the Zhengzhou Commodity Futures Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the DCE.), but will also accumulate experience for the national futures internationalization and marketization reform.


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