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CFFEX Included in ESMA’s Post-Trade Transparency Positive List

Fang submitted 2020-06-15 20:52:10
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) recently published an updated opinion on post-trade transparency under MiFID II and MiFIR and its annexed list covering the post-trade transparency assessment results of 136 third-country trading venues (TCTVs) ( Based on its assessment, ESMA has concluded that China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) meets all the relevant criteria and is therefore added to the positive list concerning TCTVs post-trade transparency assessment. European Union investment firms concluding transactions on TCTVs included in the positive list are relieved from the obligation to make those transactions post-trade transparent via an approved publication arrangement (APA).

In recent years, under the leadership of the CSRC, CFFEX has been benchmarking itself to international principles and best practices, and continuously improving its capability to serve investors at home and abroad. Next, CFFEX will continue to follow the latest international standards and enhance its global influence, thus contributing to the development of the international financial center in Shanghai and the further opening-up of China’s financial market.

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