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Contract Details-Low Sulfur Fuel Oil

Fang submitted 2020-07-02 15:24:50

品种 合约乘数 报价单位 最小变动价位 交易时间 合约月份 最后交易日 交割日 交易指令 每次最大下单数量
LU 10吨/手 元/吨 1元/吨 9:00-10:15, 10:30-11:30, 13:30-15:00, 21:00-23:00 含交割月在内的往后12个月的合约 交割月份前第一个月的最后一个交易日 最后交易日后连续五个交易日 限价指令、立即成交剩余指令自动撤销指令(FAK指令)、立即全部成交否则自动撤销指令(FOK指令) 500
Product Contract Size Price Quatation Minimum Price Fluctuation Trading Hours Listed Contract The Last Trading Day Delivery Period Order Type Maximum Lots Number for One Order
LU 10 metric tons/lot (RMB) Yuan/metric ton 1 Yuan/metric ton 9:00-10:15, 10:30-11:30, 13:30-15:00, 21:00-23:00 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December The last trading day of the month prior to the delivery month; The Shanghai International Energy Exchange is entitled to adjust the last trading day in accordance with the national holidays. Five (5) consecutive trading days after the last trading day Limit、FAK、FOK 500
合约 前结算价 合约乘数 保证金比例 一手名义价值 一手所需保证金 汇率 10M USD 折合手数
LU2101 2542.0 10 0.15 25420 3813 7.0646 2779
Contract Previous Settlement Price Contract Size Margin Rate The Notional Value for 1 lot The Margin Required for 1 lot USDCNY Lots Number with notioanal value of 10 million USD
LU2101 2542.0 10 0.15 25420 3813 7.0646 2779
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